Welcome Everyone! 

Thank You for supporting this project.

Art Escape Studios could not be more excited to bring you the first Art-A-Thon project under our care. 

This project has had many obstacles over the course of 2020, something we can all relate to.

But we pushed through and now we are finally here! 

Covid-19 has been devastating on arts accessibility, making it difficult for artists and creatives all over the world.

A community of creatives is a beautiful sight.

Togetherness. Friends. Family. Growth.

Not to mention those that crave inspiration and creative outlets.

This is why we believe this project is so important.

Today, in these corona times, it has become so clear that while technology plays an important in our daily lives, getting back to our roots is fundamental in healthy living.

'The need to create, communicate, create coherence, and symbolize is a basic human need. The ability to create is a courageous act in the face of illness or emptiness. Art touches and also expresses the whole complex human person, including levels of mind, body and spirit. The humanities connect people across different cultures and traditions to common challenges of the human condition (Jung, 1966; May, 1975).'

'Get back to your roots'

There are so many phrases that remind us of the connection we have to our roots.

'Roots' clearly evokes the idea that we come from somewhere and should never forget that — that our roots are what make us who we are.

Like trees, when we grow our roots get tangled and form systems, these systems are our communities.

Getting back to our roots is about self discovery, awareness, growth, community and connection.

When we return to our roots, we enrich the cultural soil out of which we were born.

This year we have partnered with Kester Thomas, who share our vision! 

Bringing people back to their roots! Back to their creativity.


In the sipirt of community and our shared passion for art accessibility, Art Escape Studios with Kester Thomas proudly presents...

Art-A-Thon 2020: An event about inclusivity, diversity and our common roots.

Join us this year in ONE or ALL of our amazing arts activities and